yullia’s Friends – Women

At yullia, leading Israeli premium beauty chain, we sincerely consider each guest as a Very Important Person, or VIP in short.
That idea inspired us to create “yulllia’s Friends” Club. Each member gets a card that offers special benefits:

– Personal 30% discount on all the treatment menu during your Birthday month
– 20% off products from our in-salon beauty boutiques (provided once a year when you visit yullia on your Birthday month)
– Permanent 10% discount on all the menu
– Prioritized appointments

The card is available for 250 shekels and issued for life – as friends stay friends forever no matter what.

yullia’s friends know how to have fun together!

Since more and more men and youngsters join our family, we’ve made a decision to personalize “yullia’s Friends” card to provide each VIP guest with more dedicated service. Our team will do their best to meet your needs more precisely, offer you relevant deals and content.

Embrace your femininity and enjoy it!

yullia’s Female Friends community is strong and powerful, you can find its members all around Israel.

Successful, brave, opinionated women busy with their lively and eventful life. You can’t and you don’t want to waste your time and therefore value every single minute: standing in line is definitely not for you. You need a beauty service provider you can rely on: prompt, effective, smart, innovative, just like yullia premium beauty chain.

Joining “yullia’s Friends – Women” Club will expand your opportunities to take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

A special event is coming? Celebrate it at yullia’s! Whatever it is from bachelorette party to promotion at work, from maternity leave to engagement. Our doors are open to you!

In addition to “yullia’s Friends” all-year 10% and Birthday special 30% discount, if you decide to share your Birthday visit with your nearest & dearest, 10% off benefit will apply to them as well.

Our lives are not just about significant dates: it’s about routine and regular basis, and you deserve it to be pleasant and joyful. Lunchtime treatment can be a true relief in the middle of a busy day.

Choosing a present for your family member or friend is not a brainstorming quest anymore: our team can take care of it for you.

All you have to do to join the Club is to leave your contact details and special requirements with the manager of your favorite branch or by filling in our online form. Very soon yullia team will get back to you with an individual offer. Personalized, adapted, customized for your needs – because you’re “yullia’s Friends” Club member.