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Starting a business is not an easy move – the statement is so true that it just can’t be argued with. But the history knows enough examples of great success to make the idea of entrepreneurship worth trying.Using expert knowledge and experience is probably one of the best ways to avoid most of the possible mistakes.

Yullia Gal is an extraordinary businesswoman and the founder and CEO of Israel’s leading beauty chain yullia.

She paved the company’s way for success through decades of market fluctuations.

Founded as a stand-alone salon on Yirmeyahu Street in Tel Aviv in 1990-s, the company became a chain of 12 prosperous branches and a school for beauty industry professionals.

The brand yullia is now nationally recognized and trusted all over the country.

We are especially proud of our current customer base of over 120,000 loyal and satisfied clients, which continuously grows. Honored politicians, scientists, celebrities and businessmen are among our guests.

The signboards of yullia salons are displayed in the most prestigious and prosperous areas in Israel from trendy Tel Aviv to gorgeous Jerusalem, from lively Hod Hasharon to blooming Netanya, from idyllic Rishon LeZion to green Raanana, from cozy Ness Ziona to luxurious Kfar Shmaryahu.

Nowadays both socially responsible entrepreneurs and customers seek for cooperation with brands that share values similar to theirs.

Impeccable client service, mutual assistance, excellent quality, sincere respect and friendly vibe, – all of the above are integral components of the corporate identity for the entire yullia chain. So, if you identify yourself with the same values, we are excited to build a new branch together!

Whether you are an experienced businessman or a young enthusiast, an investor looking for side income or a professional intended to be engaged full-time, yullia Franchise Model is a great option to consider.

Support is a significant condition for success, and all yullia franchisees do get comprehensive maintenance in all required business aspects. From picking location, budget distribution, planning, marketing, recruitment and daily management to product range, beauty menu and suppliers.

Our franchise model is based on exceptional knowledge of the industry, uncompromising professionalism and unique brand expertise from Yullia Gal and yullia team. Each franchisee is individually accompanied up to the point of desirable business performance.

The global beauty industry has been significantly growing over the past years. Marketing activities such as Social media – Facebook and Instagram – became an accelerating factor for the development of the business sector. Visiting a salon is a cultural trend for fashionista all over the world.

The brand yullia is always at the forefront of modern tendencies, and we did successfully take part in SMM “race”, growing our subscribers’ community. Obviously, our franchisees benefit from using this marketing tool as well.

Today beauty treatments are an integral part of routine personal care and well-being. Moreover, there is a trend towards increasing demand for quality procedures and services, which makes the investment potential of the industry high and risk probability low.

The experience feedbacks of our partner investors speak for themselves, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to those who have already joined yullia team.

Need more information?

We are happy to provide you with all the details!

Please fill out our brief questionnaire, submit an application and we will get back to you soon.

  • Because investors who have opened one branch in the franchise, continue to open another …
  • Because the return on investment is faster than you thought or got used to in other areas
  • Because you start earning and enjoying the first year
  • Because yullia is the leading network in the field in the country
  • Because the chain already has 13 branches, including an employee training school
  • Because the team numbers about 100 employees, therapists and branch managers who are all talented and outstanding
  • Because we give you personal support from the great experts in the industry all the way
  • Because we believe in excellence in service and quality
  • Because we operate effective marketing and public relations mechanisms
  • Because pioneering is a value to us and not just a word
  • Because the company is constantly growing
  • Because our branding is recognized and valued
  • Because the schools we have established will assist you in recruiting and training personnel
  • Because we will light the way for you to build a thriving and branded branch without headaches!
  • Our promise to franchisees:
  • A franchise-oriented business model that will support you from the decision stage to in general
  • One-on-one assistance and personal advice from the network’s founder Yulia Gal
  • Concessionaire-management relations are close and transparent throughout
  • Legal treatment and professional advice that will give you a sense of security
  • A paved path to business success
  • Safe investment is expressed in:
  • Assistance in choosing a winning position
  • Involvement in negotiations with various parties
  • Quick and efficient establishment of the branch
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Assistance in management and accounting
  • Ongoing support in all aspects of management and marketing

The size of the investment naturally depends on the area and location of the selected branch and the condition of the property. The quick return on investment make us start earning already at the end of the first year of operation. About half of the investment amount will be required immediately and the balance will be invested in ongoing operating expenses. For your convenience, a cost estimate tablet is included for setting up an average branch:

Estimation of branch establishment expenses.
Branch size 70-150 sqm
Construction costs and equipment (*) 200,000 to 400,000 ₪
Franchise cost 350,000 ₪

(*) The above amounts are estimates and may vary depending on the property and market conditions.

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